Jack Flash is looking to expand its musical and vocal abilities

with the addition of a lead vocalist/instrumentalist.
A Lead vocalist preferably one that plays a
musical instrumentalist (keyboards,guitarist, etc..)
Must have experience(karaoke not included)
Professionals only & dedicated.
Vocal ability in the higher range
(Journey,Styx,Ozzy,Doughtry,Rush,Nickelback,GnR,Def Leppard,Led Zeppelin,
Bon Jovi,Van Halen,Chili Peppers,Foo Fighters,Maroon 5,.....)
"you get the idea"
Send resume (bands you have been in, song list ,background,history, first born)
along with any live recordings,

to jackflashband@aol.com
or call Joe @ 954-325-5412

also feel free to see us at an upcoming show

Joe ,Andy,Jay,& Chris